About and FAQ

A few words about BT

The story was born in summer 2007 but I decided to start working on it in march 2009. From the beginning it was intended to be written in a comic form but in these 2 years a lot of things have changed. The characters came under several modifications,some have been deleted and some new ones joined the crew. The setting which in the original idea was supposed to be changing throughout the whole plotline became just one city - Rome. More about BT in the FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start writing a comic?

I was bored. And jealous. And I had no life. That's why I decided to write down a story about all the things that are right behind the corner but still remained out of my reach

Why demons?

Why not? Honestly, the idea for the story was born in pain and anger. These were bad times and once I thought that only the devil himself could help me. This single thought was the beginning of everything.

Do you believe in God?

Sure. But I don't believe repeating blindly the formulas and paying the priests could buy me a place in heaven

Why do you color in black-red-white? Why not screentones or full-color?

See that old page up there? I drew it with pencils cause at the time I had given all my crayons and markers to poor kids as I was about to leave the country anyway but I had one last red crayon and decided to use it. When I started writing I decided I was gonna follow this idea. It turned out a good decision :D

Is Rei you?

No! Sure, some of her clothes are acutally mine but it's just because I both draw and wear what I like!

Reimee is a weird name... Where the hell did you get it from?!

Honestly? I dunno! 0.0 This "name" just came to my mind that day in 2007 and I couldn't get rid of it! Later I decided it's gonna be a nickname cause there is no such name out there

Why did you set your comic in Rome?

Why not? I mean, there are lots of comics set in NY (all these american comics) or in Tokyo (manga) or in some made up world (fantasy) or even on another planet (sci-fi). Actually I can't remind any comic set in Rome... At the beginning Reimee was supposed to travel so the setting would change but if I did it this way the comic would end up 10 000 pages long :D The second reason is that I actually live in Rome so I can shot pictures of places, check out thing etc... Besides, making a comic about demons and such and setting it in the capital of christian life seemed like a fine idea to me ;P

What programs do you use to make your comic?

Photoshop CS3. I sketch on PC, ink freehand, and just apply the tones and textures etc.

How do you make your backgrounds?

Sometimes I draw them but most of the times (especially when it comes to particular places in Rome) I shot pictures and modify them in PS

Have you been to graphics/animation/comic school?

Nope. I'm a self-taught artist.

What inspired your story?

Several things. As I mentioned before this story was born as a resulf of great anger and pain I felt. Usually it is these feelings that inspire me the most. Seconly, there was a commercial of a washing machine.

Third, the Grimm Tales, especially one about a soldier who meets the devil who offers him great richeses if he didn't pray, go to church nor clean himself nor cut his hair etc. There were also some real life stories I've heard. Obviouly religion and various beliefs known mostly in eastern europe turned out to be quite inspiring.

How do you make a page?

Obviously I start from script and rough thumbnail planning. I do it on paper and it usually looks like some weird squares and circles but to me it makes perfect sense. Sometimes I sketch on paper but I prefer sketching on PC using my tablet. I realised the pages come out better if I do it this way. And to be honest I hardly ever use wire planning unless the pose is really complicated. Actually before I start sketching I fix the layout, you know, draw all the frames etc and then I sketch the appropriate stuff ineside each frame. I ink and color digitally in Photoshop. I tend to use photos for the backgrounds. And sometimes I shot pictures of friends to use for pose reference.

How often does this comic update?

Once a week. At midnight beetween Sunday and Monday (European time)

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