Beyond Temptation Comic

Page 133
16 Sep 2009 09:35 am

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Author's Comments:

Posted by StellaCadente
16 Sep 2009 09:46 am

Sorry for the action to be a little bit slow but I just need to draw this slightly boring pages to create the right bacground for the upcoming issues.
Anyway, thank U for all your recent comments! I'm glad U like Rei's dress. I made up this design a few months ago but up to now it's one of my personal faves :D I'm also happy that you like the settings. I've spent some time looking for right places to photograph in order to create interior of Fiamma's house.

<naomi> : the guy she's dancing with is Michael. I guess I can call him her boyfriend of some sort. They met recently but they sure like each other a lot :D
<digitkame>: I do remember how I told you Ewan did remind me of someone. Indeed he reminded me of a certain person I know that is actually a priest too. He looks really alike.

Also I've got the picture of Miki and Rei dancing (the one from the second panel of the prev. page) loaded on DA. Click the link on the menu too check it out. I've got there also a brand new picture of Rei-chan in a gothic lolita stylised outfit I used for the banner. This summer I got inspired by some pictures in polish fashion magazines and created some new clothes for her. The one she's wearing on that picture was inspired by an add of Deichman shoes.

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19 Dec 2014 02:42 am

Reader's Comments:

Posted by lazy_kitsune
16 Sep 2009 09:59 am

This new guy kinda reminds me of Ichimaru Gin from Bleach. He looks like him, and he even acts like him. XD

I'd be pissed too if he took away my hot dance partner! D:

Posted by RazorD9
16 Sep 2009 06:45 pm

Oooh, c*ck block!

Ooooh, setting up for the future events and to insure less plot holes is always good, and the page was not boring at all, not in the slightest. Got a amusing reaction shot, a guy in red, and Rei looks so cute even when annoyed.

Posted by digitkame
16 Sep 2009 11:01 pm

0w0 The new guy looks interesting. And actually, Rei look s more cute when she's annoyed.

Posted by VeraDeDiamant
18 Sep 2009 12:30 pm

hehe:D zawsze w takich momentach ktos musi przeszkodzic:D pewnie na miejscu Rei tez bym miala taka mine jak ona na ostatnim panelu:D:D:D

Posted by naomi (Guest)
19 Sep 2009 08:48 am

who is the guy that whants to talke him he was haveing a good time danceing with her and he just came and he doues not look happy

Posted by franka (Guest)
24 Sep 2009 01:13 pm

I love the expressions on this page.Especially Michael's!