Beyond Temptation Comic

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02 May 2009 04:59 pm

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Author's Comments:

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21 Dec 2014 11:37 pm

Reader's Comments:

Posted by lazy_kitsune
02 May 2009 05:33 pm

Hahaha, nice reaction in that third panel! xD

Posted by xhahakristinax
02 May 2009 06:09 pm

haha, how sweet!

Posted by shadowwraith88
02 May 2009 06:46 pm

aaaw he is adorable!!! ^_^

Posted by EvilLuxan
02 May 2009 08:02 pm

She is sooo cute!^-^ This was a fun and cute page xD

Posted by BlackCatz
02 May 2009 08:09 pm

she is adorable! >///<

Posted by digitkame
02 May 2009 09:28 pm


Posted by Mavander
03 May 2009 01:26 am

Dear god, no sarcastic assholes reading this? I mean, come on. You don't believe that the "kiss" was what he meant? He just improvised to save some of his organs. I heard they're kinda important for living.

Posted by VeraDeDiamant
03 May 2009 05:14 am

Zgadzam siê, reakcja Rei na propozycje Ramiro bardzo mi sie spodobala:D

Ogolnie, to... calkiem niezle:D Ale to i tak nie powoduje, ze przestane z niecierpliwoscia czekac na kolejne czesci:D Wciaz nie mam ich dosc:D:*

Posted by Mavander
03 May 2009 06:00 am

Proponuję szybkie przejście do mordu w biały dzień w wykonaniu demonów.


Posted by tabbycat
03 May 2009 05:01 pm

we all knew what he ment and is so wasn't just a

Posted by SareeJones (Guest)
18 Nov 2009 11:24 pm

I laughed aloud at this
such a fun page ^^
In the fourth panel, his hands amuse me, because I had this mental image of having little faces on them :D